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Our Services

We always strive to produce high precision and quality parts

Sample Parts

From all types of different shapes and sizes, we specialize in making precise, high quality parts made in the USA


Our equipment list includes 4-axis CNC milling machine centers, CNC turning lathes, conventional milling machines, engine lathes, turret lathes, chucking machines, drilling machines, sawing machines, grinding machines, deburring equipment and more, alongside a full complement of inspection and measurement equipment and tools.

4-Axis Mill


Conventional Mill



  • Thin Walled Machining

  • Micro-tube Machining

  • Gear Racks and Gear Pinions

  • Casting & Forging Machining

  • Exotic Material Machining

  • Hard Turning and Milling

  • Complex Machining

  • CNC Machining


Horizontal Mill


Haas Lathes

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